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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is our proprietary cutting-edge ‘A.I. Enterprise Solution’ that has our own homegrown sophisticated toolbox equipped with all the latest machine learning algorithms on a versatile Big Data architecture.

It helps you answer which Predictive Technique is best suited for solving your business problems by creating a combination of best practices. This unique brew of science and technologies enables it to be a common point between business leaders and scientists to generate: 

  • A.I. based solutions with the help of our experts,

  • Mine insights via dynamic visualizations and

  • Come up with tangible decisions for their real-world problems.

Understanding Complex Patterns

The unknown-unknown

In traditional statistics you look for patterns that you know are important, which we call the known unknowns. For example, you have an equation, or a formula and it tells you precisely what you are already looking for. But what about new emerging patterns from all this new type of data? We believe that artificial intelligence is the only way to understand something about data that you don't even know exists, in other words the unknown unknowns. With Massive Dynamic, we have evolved a process to analyze exactly these unknown-unknows.

The science


  • Proprietary AI algorithms designed to solve large scale, real time, complex problems.

  • Includes latest AI and mathematical algorithms from Deep Learning to Graphical Modeling to Bayesian inference. (expand)

  • Automated system that acquires and cleanses the data, creates and tunes AI models, prepares production system.

  • Create an AI ecosystem to address various interdependent business problems.

  • Ability to simulate data for AI lead scenario mapping.

Fundamentally our system is based on Big Data, which does all the heavy lifting to learn from the data itself by handling all the technical and scientific necessities that may arise and thereby implementing A.I. backbone for your business.

Part of Massive Dynamic interface is an A.I. bot which can talk to all major database Enterprise systems.


Patterns are there for seeking

In a way we are all pattern seekers. By definition any type of useful data has diverse patterns in it. Ability to read these patterns is what make the data useful.


Obviously as the data gets sophisticated so should be the technology analyzing it.

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